This week’s 7th Avenue Social Facebook Live video features Danielle Stalzer from Republic National Distributing Company. She’s going to help us make a sexy summer sip called the Flaming Oh! for the upcoming hot weather. Republic National Distributing Company is launching this amazing cocktail that utilizes a product that is unlike anything else out there!

Tequila is a very popular spirit right now. We love Maestro Dobel specifically! It is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is what tequila has to be made from by legal definition. It is an unaged, high-quality silver white tequila with some smoke in it. In fact, it’s the first ever smoked tequila to ever hit the market! Maestro Dobel boasts over 200 years of experience making tequila the old-school way! Maestro Dobel is infused with mesquite wood, giving it a very aromatic and even sweet quality. It is very delicate with lovely fruit notes and it has a sweet, soft smoke to it.

Danielle came up with the Flaming Oh! with her bartender Julio because it invoked the flavors of summer that we love so much. Smoke on the barbecue, blossoming flowers, bright citrus notes – we could go on! The Flaming Oh! hits all of these notes. It’s easy to make at home and enjoy poolside or while you’re barbecuing.


The Flaming Oh! Cocktail Recipe

  • 2 oz. of silver Maestro Dobel
  • ¾ oz. of guava juice (easy to find in supermarkets)
  • ¼ oz. of lemon juice
  • ¼ oz. of mandarin shrub (What is mandarin shrub you ask? Well, with the current craft cocktail movement, a lot of throwback techniques have been resurrected. Shrubs are being used more recently. A shrub is an old-school drinking vinegar, made from sugar, vinegar, and usually some kind of fruit. Ours at the Social is basically made from equal parts sugar and white wine vinegar, mixed with mandarin oranges. The result is a tart, orangey syrup that’s great for any cocktail.)
  • A few dashes of cherry bitters

Give it all a shake (Colin really gave it some muscle!) and pour. We like to serve it in a coupe glass to admire the gorgeous orange-pink color. Garnish it with some burnt orange peel for a sophisticated effect. (Hold an orange peel over a match’s flame for a few seconds to release the orange’s essential oils into the drink.) So fragrant and aromatic! And yum! Make this delicious cocktail and enjoy a beautiful summer day!

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