This week, Colin sat down with Marcus Zotter at Roots Studio for our weekly Facebook Live video. Marcus has done live art with Social for months, and his studio is on 524 Park Street. Surrounding Colin and Marcus were numerous pieces of live art that Marcus has created. These awesome live art shows are paired with live music.

He brings unique pieces with no markings on it, such as wooden doors. On these he creates portraits, figurative work, and live paintings right in front of everyone’s eyes. You get to see his creations from start to finish, and the process is fascinating! Marcus focuses on musicians, particularly legends like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and more.

Enjoy the Facebook live video by watching below:

Marcus is from Philadelphia, and he went to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the first and oldest art museum and art school in the United States. Drawing and painting have always been art forms that he is passionate about. Influenced by Philly’s inner city graffiti and underground life, his art is a unique mashup of classic and urban elements. When you walk into Roots Studio, you’ll notice right away that Marcus’s pieces resemble street art. The grittiness of his pieces are what many Naples residents look for.

You can check out his website to get his schedule – He’s usually at the Social about twice a month! On the second Thursday of every month, Marcus puts on a show at his studio called Evening on 5th. It is amazing seeing a piece being created from beginning to end while you’re listening to great live music!

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